Kelly Kettle Give Away


Kelly Kettle Group Giveaway Who would love to win a Kelly Kettle in our group giveaway? Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? A large group of my blogging colleagues is trying to show the world what is available to use in an unforeseen disaster or emergency. We are so thankful to Glen… [read more]

Apple Pumpkin Dumplings

Kneaded Creations

The Apple Pumpkin Dumpling is made by surrounding the sweetness of apples and pumpkin in a luscious pastry to provide a dessert that will rock your world! I had been looking for some time for a dumpling recipe that included pumpkin.  I had not found that type of recipe online, but recently, I did find… [read more]

Cowboy Manicotti from Master Meat Mix Cowboy Manicotti made from Master Meat Mix

With the delicious aroma and flavor of  Master Meat Mix, this Cowboy Manicotti will have your family to the table in a jiffy! One of the great things about the pre-cooked Master Meat Mix is that it can be used for many types of meals.  Today I have used it to make this not-so-typical casserole of Manicotti.… [read more]

Hamburger Casserole Mix

Using Hamburger Casserole Mix by Kneaded Creations

Hamburger Casserole Mix is a versatile meal starter to have in the freezer for use in mixing up a quick meal any time.  Seen here being used to make Cowboy Manacotti, the Hamburger Casserole Mix proves how versatile it can be.  The pleasant spices of barbecue can blend with pasta for the Cowboy Manicotti, Beans… [read more]

Emergency Preparedness Month

Emergency Preparedness Month Have you heard that the month of September is National Emergency Preparedness Month? I was really concerned when I read that the city of Toledo, Ohio was not able to use their culinary water for quite some time. They could not even boil it to make it safe because of the toxic… [read more]

Yummiest No Mayo Potato Salad Yummiest No Mayo Potato Salad

The Yummiest No Mayo Potato Salad recipe transforms this American standard food into a healthy, low fat alternative to enjoy at any picnic or meal.   I know! I know! I can hear you saying, “It is after Labor Day! We don’t need a potato salad recipe now!” I HIGHLY beg to differ. I stumbled… [read more]

Easy Salty Sweet Chocolate Treats Salty Sweet Chocolate Treats

Easy Salty Sweet Chocolate Treats   The classic combination of salty-sweet and chocolate work well together for these Easy Salty Sweet Chocolate Treats you will want to enjoy again and again!   I know you must have that craving for sweet and salty some times- I know I sure do! And then, there is that… [read more]