Coxs Honey Group Giveaway


Coxs Honey Group Giveaway Today we are hosting another Coxs Honey Group Giveaway so our readers will have a chance to win some raw, unfiltered, pure honey. Cox’s honey is sponsoring this giveaway today and we want to thank them for giving us this opportunity. Coxs honey is raw and unfiltered honey. The company was… [read more]

Quick and Easy Ground Beef Soup

Ground Beef Soup from Master Meat Mix @

Quick and Easy Ground Beef Soup When the Master Meat Mix is on hand, Quick and Easy Ground Beef Soup is a cinch to make! Simply warm it up, add a few noodles and vegetables to it, and voila! You have a nice hearty meal.  You know how it is- you’ve been out shopping or running… [read more]

Tuesdays With A Twist #77

Tuesdays With A Twist #77

Tuesdays With A Twist #77 So glad to see you back at Tuesdays With A Twist #77 I don’t know about you, but this week has been a totally CRAZY CRAZY week, and I have had a blast! I’ve been visiting my family out of town.  My husband was in two golf tournaments in Salt… [read more]

Zucchini Onion Soup

Zucchinin Onion Soup featured at

Zucchini Onion Soup with basil is a belly-warming, deliciously satisfying soup that can be used as an appetizer or a meal.  I know you’ve heard me say over and over again that Fall is my favorite season, and one reason for that is the wonderful things that can be made when the garden produce is… [read more]

Eggplant Lasagna Eggplant Lasagna

Delicious Eggplant Lasagna is a spicy and succulent dish using natures end of summer bounties and is a real crowd pleaser! One of the recipes I look forward to at the end of summer is Eggplant Lasagna!  Yes, you can buy eggplant almost all year round at the grocery store, and you can make this… [read more]

Whipped Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic

Whipped Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic at

Who would have guessed that such simple ingredients could become an amazingly delicious dish with a smooth buttery flavor as Whipped Cauliflower? Ok, I want to know who perpetrated  this WICKED plot? And it IS a wicked plot, I am sure, to keep people from enjoying the rich buttery flavor of Cauliflower.  I just can’t believe… [read more]

Kelly Kettle Give Away

Kelly Kettle Group Giveaway Who would love to win a Kelly Kettle in our group giveaway? Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? A large group of my blogging colleagues is trying to show the world what is available to use in an unforeseen disaster or emergency. We are so thankful to Glen… [read more]