Indian Garlic-Dill Bread filled with flavor!

Filled Indian Garlic Dill Bread

Filled Indian Garlic-Dill Bread made with an Indian dosa recipe, and topped with a traditional spicy filling pleases the palate, and satisfies the soul. Believe it or not, this recipe was a spur of the moment deal.  It was Saturday.  I was tired! We had just cleaned the carpets, so I had not had time to… [read more]

Lemon Berry Crisp

Lemony Berry Crisp

A variety of berries, a kiss of lemon, and an oatmeal topping meld perfectly for that deliciously tart zing your sweet tooth is craving! When you go to make a recipe, and find the recipe card so sticky and splotched with juice and sugar that you can hardly read it, you know this is a… [read more]