All American Pressure Canner Give Away


All American Pressure Canner We have had several previous Give Aways for this wonderful canner, but we wanted our readers to have one more chance to enter to win an All American Pressure Canner Give Away.  Previously the giveaways were so successful we wanted to share one more with our awesome readers! A group of bloggers… [read more]

Delicious Stuffed Bell Peppers

Quick and Easy to prepare Stuffed Bell Peppers made with the Master Hamburger Casserole Meat Mix

Making quick and easy meals, such as these Delicious Stuffed Bell Peppers is a cinch with Hamburger Casserole Meat Mix on hand! One of my most favorite fall and winter meals is Delicious Stuffed Bell Peppers. My mouth starts to water just thinking about Delicious Stuffed Bell Peppers made with the Master Hamburger Casserole Mix.… [read more]

Coxs Honey-Shelley Idaho Giveaway


Coxs Honey-Shelley Idaho Giveaway Are you a fan of using honey in your nightly tea, in baking or in cooking? If so, you don’t want to miss todays’ post. We’re giving away an incredible amount of honey to one lucky reader! We’re not just giving away any honey-Cox’s Honey is pure, unfiltered, raw honey; so… [read more]

Ten Water Storage Tips

There are many safe and dependable ways to store water for safe use in emergency situations. Let's take a look at some precautions! Ten Water Storage Tips.

In my own research, I have come across Ten Water Storage Tips I am sharing to help you on your way to emergency preparedness. This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Kneaded Creations with your purchases.  At the risk of dating myself, as I sit down to write this post, I hear the Sons… [read more]

Tuesdays With A Twist #79

Tuesdays Twist 79

Tuesdays With A Twist #79 What a week! Everyone has busy fall things going on with football, tailgating parties and canning and preserving food.  I bet you’ve been just as busy at your home doing some of the same things!  I was able to get a couple of posts out this week that may be… [read more]

FoodSaver Group Giveaway

FoodSaver Group Giveaway We are having a FoodSaver Group Giveaway today! WooHoo! This is a great way to preserve your food for an extended amount of time. You can make mason jar salads, package your cheese in smaller bags, the list is endless. We are all thinking about how to be prepared for the unexpected… [read more]